About Us

Alively is the first of its kind marketplace for healthspan, empowering you to live your best life your entire life. Alively came to life when two friends from the travel industry learned they shared a common interest (and obsession) with health, longevity, and specifically, healthspan (“the part of a person’s life during which they are generally in good health.”). 
Both founders avidly follow the research and developments in this space in their personal time, and implement what they learn in their own lives. Both also have personal mission statements of learning and growing in service of sharing those learnings with others to benefit them.

With Alively, Lou and Andrew seek to build the awareness, accessibility, trackability, and impact of what exists today and what continues to be created when it comes to investing in people’s healthspan. 
By bringing together the products currently dispersed on individual websites and typically focused on a one or two pillars at a time under one roof, while also providing dashboard tracking visibility of spend (in terms of money, but also allocation of time) and performance across the entire landscape of one’s journey, Alively seeks to become the Home of Heathspan, empowering anyone to live their best life today, every day, for all of their days.